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The Fuorimeteo shower head by Antonio Lupitransforms the shower into an artistic expression of light, water and sound. The fixture was designed to simulate a rain shower, by using water jets that are hidden within its recessed case. The box can be installed flush with the shower ceiling or can be mounted such that the case becomes a part of the visible installation.

Fuorimeteo by Antonio Lupi: The Ultimate Rain Shower Design

The Fuorimeteo is available in both square and rectangular versions. Either way, the cascading water, across such a large surface area, yields the ultimate rain shower. In addition, the perimeter edge of the shower faucet is illuminated, adding another element of visual interest and ambiance. This isn’t the first time Antonio Lupi has played with light in the bathroom; you may remember the OIO bathtub that we featured back in 2011.

Designer, Nevio Tellatin, says, “It’s a demonstration of how a form built around a function can be articulated in a harmonious way to change the context, without losing value…” His pieces have won several awards. In addition to designing fixtures, Tellatin teaches art, communication and design at the collegiate level.


Fuorimeteo is available through Casa Design.

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