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MAMAGREENis a relatively new presence in the outdoor furnishings sector. Specializing in contract furniture for both residential and hospitality use, the company got their start in 2007 and is committed to using environmentally friendly and socially responsible design, build and fabrication practices in order to leave the least amount of impact on Mother Earth, the inspiration for their company name.



MAMAGREEN’s 2015/2016 Collection

MAMAGREEN is owned and managed by a Belgian-German-Swiss team and has featured their outdoor collections for 2015 and 2016 at some of the most well-known industry events, including Maison & Objet and the recent 2014 Casual Market in Chicago. The company’s mission is to design, “furniture…made from the highest-quality materials…[to] represent a pure and elegant look, dominated by natural materials that exude luxury.”

These goals are exemplified in their newest collections, including:

TWIZT. The TWIZT collection offer simple seating with a hint of character. The wood-framed chairs and benches have arms that are angled slightly outward. Other pieces in the TWIZT collection also boast avant-garde angles for a unique twist, or TWIZT.

OKO LOUNGE. Where TWIZT is all about personality, the OKO LOUNGE collection features Japanese-inspired furnishings for more refined relaxation using minimalist design and recycled teak.

Check out MAMAGREEN outdoor furniture through the Casa Outdoor Showroom.

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