Posted on 03-18-15

Mambo Unlimited is dancing their way into hearts around the world. Inspired by the artisan heritage of Portugal, their designs transcend languages and speak directly to the heart. Indeed, its the willingness of the designers to push the boundaries of modern design principles.



Each piece within the collection has its own unique and distinctive character. Crafted by hand, the chairs, light fixtures, rugs, and wall cladding can be used to create a forest of comfort within your home. With natural wood tones and the subdued textures of nature embedded within, it is a genuinely beautiful collection. Visually, the pieces are designed with simplicity as the paramount feature.

In fact, the true beauty of the Mambo Unlimited collection is its diversification and the ability to mix/match to fit your specific tastes perfectly. You might want to start with their soft and harmonious Ivy Chair, coupled with a cylindrical coffee table, and a chest of drawers to compile your thoughts in. Whatever you choose, you will never regret your choice and the way that it transforms your home.

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