Posted on 07-15-15

The dining table is a classic furniture piece – symbol of home, family and delicious meals. Meridiani’s Spencer Table is a modern take on this classic symbol, combining a solid and immutable presence with a sleek aesthetic.

Meridiani’s Spencer Table: A Modern Take on Tradition



Meridiani is a relatively new company, founded in 1996 by designer Laura Ferraro Crosti, who wanted to take classic and traditional elements of the home and reinvent them from a modern perspective. We’ve featured their products before, including the Cloud Collection, as well as their area rugs, which adorn the floors of our showroom.

The Spencer Table exemplifies Meridiani’s founding principles, yielding a sophisticated yet relaxed elegance. The body of the table is constructed of wood, with a thin frame so the profile is almost like a line drawing. Spencer’s table legs are removable allowing it to be customized using available bronzed brass inserts. It is available in two different finishes, and several different sizes.


The smallest version is square, measuring 130cm x 130cm, ideal for breakfast nooks or smaller dining areas. The largest option measures 100cm x 200cm, perfect for larger social events and family gatherings.

Learn more about Spencer and Meridiani through Casa Design.

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