Posted on 08-01-15

Moooi designs evoke grandeur and the elegance of another era without being superfluous. Their designers have a knack for using clean, simple lines – and often geometric patterns – to create luxurious results.

Moooi Blends Grandeur With Simplicity

Here are examples of furniture pieces that, in the words of Moooi, bring “…a touch of grandeur to your home, without conveying the firm austerity of real antiques.”



Bart Sofa and Armchair. This sofa is Moooi’s postmodern answer to the sumptuous, 18th century Rococo period. We think there’s a hint of art deco thrown in their too. The rounded edges make for extra comfort and monochromatic quilting adds extra visual punch.



Farooo Lamp. The sinuous body of the Farooo Lamp is reminiscent of a lighthouse, which is the image that inspired the lamp’s name. Faro is the Italian word for lighthouse and Faro + Moooi = Farooo. Farooo comes in three different sizes and colors.

Heracleum II. This is the newly released version of a favorite Moooi lamp, designed by Bertjan Pot. It’s inspired by the Heracleum plant, with each of the bulbs creating the plant’s leaves. The updated fixture boasts LED technology, increasing its efficiency.

Glamorous Moooi products are available through Casa Design.

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