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One of the blockbusters of the Molteni&C collection is the modular 505 system, a constantly evolving media and display case that continues to add innovative features that refresh and broaden its infinite uses.



Having studied at the Milan Polytechnic Architecture Faculty prior to joining Molteni&C, designer Nicola Gallizia brings architectural flair to the 505 system: “The image reveals the forms that curious eye craves.”
With its slim glass partitions that can be positioned to separate and spotlight books and decorative objects, the entire system becomes a visual focal point.

Contrast can be added with Hide, an innovative system of projecting doors in wood or lacquered finishes, which can be hooked to the vertical frame at will to give the façade a fresh, clean look with surfaces independent from the overall design. The newest innovation is a glass door, complete with a handle built into the metal profile in the standard finishes.

An elegant solution as a bookcase, TV system, or multi-purpose cabinet, 505 is available in a wide range of options including 7 widths, 3 depths, and 9 heights. The finishes, in matte or glossy lacquer, wood, and glass, can be mixed and matched to enhance any décor, while effortlessly meeting the needs of modern living. In addition to the standard hinged opening with handle, 505 also has hinged doors, internal and external drawers, flap doors with pressure opening, sliding doors, and vertical sliding doors.

To complete the system, there are multimedia compartments, different worktops, and even the ability to add a set of matching containers placed directly on the floor or hung just above floor level.