Posted on 12-03-14

Salone del Mobile is the gift that keeps on giving for those of us who covet modern interior designs and furnishings. The Prop Lights, by Bertjan Pot, are an example of this. Designed for Moooi, Pot’s prop lighting fixtures are as versatile as it gets.

They can be propped on a floor or table (hence their namesake), hung on a wall, or suspended from the ceiling.

Check Out the New Prop Lighting from Moooi



In addition to their versatility when it comes to placement or mounting potential, the lights themselves were designed in various shapes, sizes, and combinations. Says designer Bertjan Pot, “We have round lights, we have straight lights. We have them with lights on one side; we have them with lights on two sides. You can hang them high, low, horizontally, vertically or even hang them in an angle.”

Bertjan Pot is no lighting design newbie. In fact, two of his previous designs for Moooi have also been industry hits, including the Random Light, circa 1999, and the Heracleum, which is now available in an efficient LED version.

The Prop Light works for both residential and commercial applications. Learn more about these and other products through Casa Design.

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