Posted on 12-17-14

While Tobias Grau may be a lighting designer at heart, his vision – along with his partner’s – stretches beyond individual pieces and into the realm of holistic interior design. In their minds, the design “merges technical and aesthetic aspects with economic and social considerations to create a single, interconnected whole.”



Tobias Grau Blends Simplicity and Technology

Designers at Tobias Grau take the idea of simplicity to the most basic level. They use the ultimate innovative software to design and produce lighting fixtures that concentrate only on the essentials. The advent of LED lighting has only enhanced this approach because it allows an integration of light source, structure and form that has never been possible before. The firm’s commitment to holistic and stylish innovation is recognized world-wide, garnering multiple awards such as the Interior Innovation Award among others.

Recently, Tobias Grau debuted the latest addition to their XT-A collection, called the XT-A Mono Plus. It’s an office floor lamp with a small, directable head that is well-suited for individual desk and task lighting. There is also a tabletop version available. The floor lamp achieves efficiency of over 100lm/W.

The XT-A Mono Plus and other modern interior designer fixtures are available through Casa Design.

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