Posted on 11-20-16

We may still be in primetime pumpkin season, but the Pantone Color Institute is already thinking several seasons ahead.  The self-proclaimed authority on all things color recently highlighted 10 hot hues in its color report for spring 2017. So what can we expect to see?


Pantone Spring 2017


Pantone anticipates that Kale will continue to have a major moment — and not just on dinner plates. It will be joined by other muted, earth-inspired tones, including Greenery, Hazelnut and Pale Dogwood. But nature isn’t always so subdued, as evidenced by the inclusion of more shocking than sedate choices, such as Pink Yarrow, Flame and Primrose Yellow.


Pantone Spring Colors


We can also expect to see everything from home furnishings to fashion come down with a case of the blues next year, as evidenced by the inclusion of Niagara, Island Paradise, and Lapis Blue on Pantone’s roundup of chic shades for spring.

While these colors may initially suggest several exhilarating spins of the color wheel, there is a common theme, according to Pantone executive director Leatrice Eiseman, who explained to the press that they “evoke a spectrum of emotion and feeling” along with “a renewed sense of imagination in which color [is] appearing in a context that [is] different than the traditional.”




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