Frame, Nature’s, Imprint Pendant



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Designed by: Terzani Lab

Capturing a moment in time, Frame features a metal coral leaf, enclosed inside a borosilicate glass preserving a delicate imprint of nature. Hidden inside is a single bulb which glows from within. Creating a stirring light that projects a dynamic shadow due to the permeable coral. Frame is available in white, red, gold plated or silver plated.

Finishes Codes:

0Q03S E8 A9 White Clear

0Q03S H1 A9 Coral Clear 

0Q03S G7 A9 Silver Clear

0Q03S L6 A9 Gold Clear

This product has a delivery estimate of 8-10 weeks. 



Ø 4.7" x H 1.2"


Ø 6.7" x H 74.8"/17.7"

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