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The Kurage Paper Light was a collaboration between Japanese designer Oki Sato, from the design studio, Kendo, and Italian designer Luca Nichetto. The lamp was designed with the idea of “paper ice cream” at its foundation, resulting in a very simple study in shape and form.



The result is a paper lantern (remember Rituals?) resting on top of flat, cypress sticks intentionally shaped to resemble those used in ice creams and lollipops.

Kurage for Foscarini: Simplicity, Gestalt and Poetry



To create Kurage, Sato and Nichetto came together without a plan so the design process would be completely collaborative. They were inspired by a Japanese poetry form, called Tanka,using it as inspiration for their process. Tankaare five line poems in which the first three lines are answered by the final two lines.

One designer would sketch or present a concept or idea for the lamp and pass the idea to the other designer for the next step of the design until Kurage was fully conceptualized and developed. To create the lamp shade, Sato and Nichetto used traditional dyed Japanese paper to form uniquely molded 3-D shapes that artistically diffuse the light.

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