Posted on 02-02-15

Back in February of the last year, we featured the Armchair Dowel by TON. We admit we’re fans of TON’s modern take on the traditional and technical art of wood bending in furniture design. Casa Design wasn’t the only one taking note.


Dowel Lounge Armchair Won the Interior Innovation “Selection 2015” Award



The Dowel Lounge Armchair was inspired by traditional Indian beds constructed with bent wooden frames and exposed straps that hold the frames and upholstered materials together. Says Panos Vasiliou, one of the chair’s designers, “It was this aspect which evoked the first draft of the lounge armchair.” Taking that inspiration and running with it turned out to be a winning idea, since it was these very same contours that captured the appeal of the Innovation Award jury, leading to TON’s receipt of the “Selection 2015” Award.

The interior Innovation Awards are a relatively new kid on the awards block. They started in 2002, organized by the German Design Council with the support of the IMM Fair in Cologne, and are one of the most prestigious worldwide awards in its category.

Casa Design congratulates TON and the Dowel Lounge Chair’s designers, Panos Vasiliou and the Oscar Tange, Italian Lime Studio.

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