Posted on 05-20-15

There are tons of choices when it comes to picking out your indoor lighting fixtures – choices that you should carefully consider as they greatly impact your interior design. But what about your outdoor area? You can use certain lights outside as well, such as FLOS’s Ipnos outdoor lamp.



The Ipnos outdoor lamp is a contemporary take on the lantern, one that looks more like a sculptural art piece than a light fixture. Because of this, it looks much more at home in your outdoor area than a traditional lamp. Basically, the Ignos outdoor lamp consists of a metal frame that takes on the shape of a rectangular box. The light source itself is invisible, which means it no longer looks like a functional piece but more like a decorative piece, which is something that you can use to your advantage in your outdoor design. Although it is a very contemporary piece, it will compliment any area due to the fact that the empy frame allows the lamp to become a part of the background. 

Consider using FLOS’s Ipnos outdoor lamp in your outdoor design and be sure to contact us at Casa Outdoor today for more home design ideas.

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