Posted on 12-16-13

If you’re a regular Casa Design subscriber, you know we appreciate the work of Andreu World America. We’ve featured their designs a number of times, most recently celebrating their Flex Chair, Tao Table, and Siesta outdoor furniture. Now, we want to share their newest modern furniture design, the Agora Collection.



The Agora Collection is a fully upholstered lounge chair that has a retro look with a completely modern level of comfort. The base is available in solid wood or polished aluminum and is offered in three different styles, a swivel central base, a four-star swivel central base, or four wooden legs. It’s made of recyclable materials and the wood comes from forests that meet the Forest Steward Council certification.


While the Agora chair can be used in an office setting, it was designed for relaxation in mind. It was designed by one of Andreu World America’s dynamic design trios, Lievore Altherr Molina, who bring together a variety of backgrounds, including interior and industrial design and architecture.

They envision the Agora chair as creating a space for thinking, reading, and contemplating the things we’re most concerned about.

The Agora chair, and additional Andreu World American designs, are available through Casa Contract.

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