Posted on 06-01-15

Jaime Hayon has achieved a measure of fame worthy of his talents. His latest creation, the Showtime Multileg Table, is turning heads around the world for its creative use of both space and geometry.



The tables are iconic because of their five distinctively mismatched legs and the tables low-slung stature. Combined, these aspects make the table at once sink into the background, and yet remain in the forefront. Perfectly balanced and large enough to gather around, the tables are the perfect conversation piece for your living room.

Further, you can coupled your Showtime Multileg Table with the Multileg Cabinet Hayon has created to match it. These unique cabinets have plenty of storage space and have been crafted to the exact same proportions as the tables. Combined, the set creates a fun and playful tone within the room that you are sure to enjoy and delight in.



The staff at Casa Design Boston invite you to contact us at 617-654-2974 for more details about the multileg tables and cabinets we have available. We will be glad to help you find the perfect pieces to pair with the existing furniture within your home.

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