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Pedrali introduced four new upholstered chairs,: Log, Zippo, Laja Wings and Ester. Together, they comprise a fun, versatile and playful collection – exemplified by brightly colored upholstery options.


There’s absolutely no reason your lighting should be dull and boring. When it comes to selecting the most modern lighting for your home, the only choice you should consider are the Flos IC lights by Michael Anastassiade.


From Berlin to Boston, people are talking about the marvelous Porro Collection that’s making a splash around the world. Indeed, few collections exude as much class and modern style as this beautiful collection from the famous Italian design house.


The effect of Living Divani photographed by Tommaso Sartori is breathtaking. That’s why the Next 2014 Catalog has combined both into an elegant spread that is the epitome of pure creativity.


There are area rugs and then there are Area Rugs. Nanimarquinais renowned for creating the latter, and the Rabariis the newest of their unique, hand-crafted area rugs to take the world by storm.


Copper is the ideal material for light play because its warm rosy tones are enhanced by the reflection and refraction of nearby light sources. Perhaps this is why Catellani & Smith opted to use copper as the feature element in their Lederam Light Collection.


MDF Italia has just launched one of their newest modular living room sets, called Grafo. The full collection consists of eight elements, all of which can be segmented or connected to create numerous arrangements.


While Tobias Grau may be a lighting designer at heart, his vision – along with his partner’s – stretches beyond individual pieces and into the realm of holistic interior design. In their minds, the design “merges technical and aesthetic aspects with economic and social considerations to create a single, interconnected whole.”


Salone del Mobile is the gift that keeps on giving for those of us who covet modern interior designs and furnishings. The Prop Lights, by Bertjan Pot, are an example of this. Designed for Moooi, Pot’s prop lighting fixtures are as versatile as it gets.


The design of OK, one of the newest products launched by Flos Lamps is exemplary of how modern technology and innovation changes the way designers operate. Case in point: Flos’s decision to re-think their popular lamp, Parentesi, which was launched in 1972.


It’s difficult notto take note of an event titled Sleep 2014. If there’s one thing most of us need, it’s a little more sleep! However, in this case, we’re talking about an annual interior design event focused on the world of hotel design and hospitality.


Patricia UrquiolaThe Kettal Mesh collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola, is based on the mesh architectural facades popularized in the 70s. These mesh frames allow light and air to penetrate, creating a more open and spacious feel.


Here on the East Coast, successful architects typically house their firms in high-rise buildings and large office spaces. If you’re a growing professional firm in Florence, Italy, however, requiring significant square footage, you might just find yourself in the market for an historic palazzo.


If we had the time, we’d take a contemporary interior design tour around the globe. From the Salone del Mobile in Milan to the 100% Design 2014 in London, there are countless destinations to visit in between. Next up, we’re headed to the 24th International Biennale Interieur, taking place October 17th – 26th in Kortijk, Belgium.


It’s time to begin thinking about the outdoor furniture and furnishings that will feature in next year’s spring and summer designs. The new Kettal Mesh Collection by Patricia Urquiola is inspired by modern architectural facades, maximizing airflow and light.


TUUCI is one of the world’s leading high-end designers and manufacturers of innovative shade structures. If you’ve visited Casa’s Outdoor Showroom, you’ve seen their parasols and shade canopies in action. Recently, TUUCI was honored when their new design, The Shade Pod, won the Design Excellence Award during the HD Expo in Las Vegas.


If you want to tap into the pulse of modern Italian design, Interni Magazine should be your go-to resource. And, in fact, Interni Magazine has been that resource for the past sixty years. In order to pay homage to their 60 years of excellence, the staff at RODAhosted a dinner in their honor.


Modern interior design requires an expert eye and hand to create private home and commercial spaces that are stylish, inviting, and accommodating. Here are some of Boston’s top interior designers. Consult with one on your next project.


Each year, Wallpaper* Magazine announces award winners for categories ranging from architecture to furniture design. One of their award winning designs from 2011, the BOB armchair designed by Hella Jongerius for Kettal, continues to be a favorite among contemporary interior design aficionados.


The months after Salone del Mobile 2014 are always exciting as we get to put the newest furnishings, fixtures, and technology to work in our clients’ homes and businesses. Our favorite Foscarini products included floor, wall, and suspension lamps.


We’d love to say we don’t play favorites, but we’re only human. If you missed out on the Milan Fair 2014, we want to make sure you catch up on some of Casa Design’s favorite designs.